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Michael---RadnorMichael Mendell has competed through the CCI**** (long format) level in eventing, including spending two years training and competing in the UK, Ireland Michael—Radnorand Europe competing at CCI* through Burghley CCI**** (finishing 16th in 1998).  Michael also has competed at the Grand Prix level of show jumping and in upper level dressage. In addition, he has worked with young horses extensively from their first experiences with riders onward.

Michael has trained with some of the top names in eventing, dressage and show jumping. They include: General Johnathan R. Burton, Ralph Hill, Anne Kursinski, Ian Silich, Eicke von Veltheim, Steve Kanikkeburg, Jessica Ransehousen, Jim Wofford, Lars Sederholm, Wash Bishop and Captain Mark Phillips.

In 2006, Michael took a hiatus from competitive riding and has been actively pursuing a lifelong desire to learn to fly. In 2008, Michael acquired his private pilot’s license in both single and multi-engine planes. He is continuing to work toward his instrument rating.

During this time, he has also worked diligently to create a world class facility at Wayward Springs Farm. He has overseen every building and riding arena as well as designing the overall layout of the entire farm.

Michael continues to teach students and work with our young horses on the farm. He is also polishing his grooming skills as he supports Lisa in her competitive endeavors.

Lisa---DressageLisa Mendell has competed up to the Advanced level in eventing. She was a member of the 1999 Area II CCI* (long format) Young Rider Team (finished Lisa—Dressage2nd in the team competition and 4th overall), was the Area II Preliminary Champion in 2006, and in 2008 won the Beginner Novice Horse Championships at the American Eventing Championships. In 2011, Lisa achieved her Bronze Medal through the United States Dressage Federation (through 3rd level). She has also groomed at international competitions in the US and abroad.

Lisa graduated with a psychology degree from Mary Washington University in 2001. During her college years, she competed through the CCI**/ intermediate level of eventing. During that time she was also an active member of the Difficult Run Pony Club (Virginia Region).

Lisa continues to train with quality coaches such as Jim Wofford and Jessica Ransehousen, and has also worked with Ralph Hill and Mara DePuy.

Currently, Lisa is working with and competing a talented group of horses in both the eventing and dressage disciplines, as well as beginning the education for the first group of homebreds for the farm.