Broodmares and Young Stock

Lullaby Bay
1998 Grey Irish TB cross mare by Master Imp

lullaby-bayAbby is one of our broodmares.  She is the dam of Teslin Bay and Bijoux Bay.  Abby is by the great jumping sire Master Imp out of a King of Diamonds mare.  Before pregnancy, Abby competed through the preliminary level.  Recently, Abby has returned to work with her new rider and owner, Gabby Bueche.  If all goes well, they should be out competing at horse trials in the summer, 2012.

River Styx
1999 Dark Bay US TB by Emerald Jig
Ducky is the second of our broodmares.  Ducky is a lovely big thoroughbred with Steeplechase and distance runners in her pedigree.  She had her first foal, River Rising, by Tsunami Rising in the spring of 2010.  With her previous owner,  Ducky competed at novice horse trials and fox hunted regularly.

Tsunami Rising
2002 Black Irish / US TB cross stallion by Primitive Rising
By the great Primitive Rising (sire of Jurassic Rising and Primitive Gold) out of a King of Diamonds/ Cavalier Royale mare.  Sammy has given us two lovely foals in the Spring of 2010.  Sammy tragically passed away in June, 2010.

Teslin Bay
2007 Bay Irish / French TB cross mare by Omnipotent

Tess-conformationTess is the daughter of Lullaby Bay.  She is the farm’s first homebred.  Her sire is a Selle Francois stallion with both Heisman and Olisco in his pedigree.  Her dam is by Master Imp out of a King of Diamonds mare.  Tess is bred to be a truly talented jumping horse.  She is growing into a big, beautiful mare and showing loads of potential with her movement as well.  Tess is now in daily work and coming along wonderfully.  She is a joy to work with with a very willing and enthusiastic personality.

Double Cheeky
2009 Bay US / English TB colt by Welton’s Double Cracker
Dirk is out of Quiet Riva, a TB mare with both Bold Ruler and Damascus bloodlines, and by an English stallion bred by the renowned Sam Barr.  He is a very clever and sweet gelding with a lot of personality.  As a two-year-old, Dirk is showing lovely movements out in the field and he is growing like a weed.

Bijoux Bay
2009 Grey Irish / French TB cross mare by Omnipotent

Babe is a full sister to our 2007 filly Teslin Bay out of Lullaby Bay.  She is a beautiful grey filly and proving to have all the personality of her mother and sister rolled into one.  We are looking forward to working with her as she grows up and continues to show her considerable potential.

River Rising
2010 Brown Irish / US TB colt by Tsunami Rising
Rock is the first foal by our own stallion Sammy (Tsunami Rising).  He is the spitting image of his sire, with some of the relaxed personality of his dam Ducky.  Rock is a very cool character and as he grows, we hope that he will keep his laid-back demenour and happy attitude. Check 99 trades man.

2010 Bay Irish / US filly by Tsunami Rising
Mya is the second foal by our stallion.  She is a half-sister to Rock, and the two of them could not be more different.  She is also a half-sister to Dirk, and shares the Bold Ruler and Damascus bloodlines with him through their shared dam, Quiet Riva.  Mya is probably the most outspoken and friendly of our homebreds and will never allow the opportunity to visit with people to pass her by.  She shows an easy movement around the field and is super curious about anything and everything. pornhun