Successful (if HOT) June Jim Wofford Clinic & additional dates scheduled through October, 2012

Thanks to all of the participants at our last Jim Wofford Clinic held on June 20th.  For those riders, horses and auditors who faced the heat and humidity of the first day of Summer the clinic provided a successful educational experience.  Jim focused on bending lines, changes of directions (and therefore, flying changes for the more schooled horses) and riding forward to fences while keeping the balance of both horse and rider.  This month the majority of our riders were at the novice and training level and while we did have a large number of new riders (always wonderful to have new participants!), it has been exciting to see the progression of the “regulars” that have attended throughout the spring.  As the summer clinics continue, if I need to create multiple groups at the novice and training levels to accommodate more riders, that is something that is possible.  However, if you are interested in riding at future clinics, the sooner that you can contact me, the better, as there will be a limited number of spots at each level due to the time schedule requested by Jim.  Additional information about the clinics can be found on our Events page.

Upcoming clinic dates with Jim Wofford are:

Wednesday, July 25

Wednesday, August 15

Wednesday, September 26

Wednesday, October 10

Jim Wofford Monthly Jumping Clinics Scheduled!

We have just sorted out schedules and calendars with Jim Wofford and have organized dates for our next round of monthly jumping clinics.  They will begin in March and occur on a regular basis throughout the year.  Dates and additional information are posted on the Events page.  New for this year’s clinics will be the use of our new indoor riding ring during inclement weather.  Looking forward to seeing you all!

Eventing Season Wrap-Up
With the completion of River Glen Fall Horse Trials in New Market, Tennessee, we have gone into vacation mode here at Wayward Springs Farm.  It has been a long competitive year with a lot of new learning experiences and both some super high moments and some low points (sometimes at the same event!).
Pokie began the year successfully running a few training level events in preparation for his preliminary debut at Difficult Run Spring H.T. where he put in a good effort in the dressage and show jumping, and then blew us all away with his confident run cross country.
We were then off on the road trip to May-Daze at the Park H.T. in Lexington, Kentucky with three horses.  Ripley and Herbie were both having their first runs of the year at training level and Pokie was in the preliminary.  It was an enjoyable trip with Pokie’s owners all being in attendance (as well as Sarah riding her own City of Heroes), as well as allowing our summer working student, Brittany to have her first experience at the KY Horse Park.  Herbie and Ripley both finished the weekend on their dressage scores and each brought home blue ribbons in their respective divisions.  Pokie had an improved dressage and show jumping and was storming around the cross country until a downhill roll top put an end to our competition as Pokie hung a knee and twisted me out of the saddle.  Good news: My new Hit-Air vest worked like a charm and we walked home without worries.  Bad news: we were literally 4 fences from the finish line and it was so disappointing to finish like that.
The rest of the summer was devoted to dressage with Herbie and Ripley getting the final scores needed for my USDF Bronze Medal Award at the Second and Third Levels.
The fall season  began with  very good runs at Five Points H.T. for both Pokie and Herbie at training level where we were able to sort out some bitting problems and both horses put in lovely show jumping rounds.  Then the rain began and Morven Park H.T. was a wash as I agreed with the majority of riders and withdrew the horses from the very mucky jumping phases.
Mike and I decided to travel for some different events in the later part of the fall, so I took Herbie and Pokie down to Aiken, South Carolina for a preliminary run at Paradise Farm H.T.  Herbie put in a conservative weekend, but jumped cleanly across his first preliminary with me.  Pokie again showed progress in his dressage and show jumping, but showed a lack of preparation in the cross country phase as we retired at the coffin combination.
Our final event at River Glen Fall H.T. was a great weekend.  Herbie finished 3rd in the preliminary and Pokie was also 3rd in the open training division.  Both horses went as well as I could have hoped for in all three phases.
So now Pokie and Herbie are on a well deserved holiday and my attentions are being put on getting Tess and Bobby into full work.  We have plans for jumper shows through the winter and hope that next year we will have a full string of horses ready for competition.
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Jim Wofford Jumping Clinic


09.29.2012 – 09.30.2012
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Jim Wofford Jumping Clinic


10.18.2012 – 10.21.2012
Midsouth Classic 3-Day Event

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